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We started our business as a family in 2000, getting a business licence to sell stationery from our garage when we realised there was a need for an independent retail stationer in the KwaZulu-Natal area.

We began with three family members: Mr Behari, our CEO and financial manager, his daughter Preshni, who handles accounts, sales and procurement, and her husband Niresh Ramcharan, who deals with prospective clients and deliveries. As we grew in size and scope, we brought in more family members; Mr Behari’s son, Prashan joined us in 2001 to manage dispatch and logistics and Preshica Behari joined the team in 2001 as financial manager, in charge of our ever-expanding accounts.

It was a new era for us, the turn of the millennium and a new South Africa. This, combined with our strong desire to create change in the stationery sector and begin a legacy based on honesty and trust, is why our business is called New Era Stationers.
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